Information on Black Bear Casino Hotel Rooms

black bear casino hotel rooms

Information on Black Bear Casino Hotel Rooms

Black Bear Casino Hotel is a very popular casino in Sarasota, Florida. It is located just off of Sawgrass Road. This casino has over forty nine slot machines, eighteen tables and a poker room for players to enjoy.

There are two different types of Black Bear Casino Hotel rooms that you can choose from. The first is the suite and the second is the room.

First, we will discuss the suite, which offers the best view of the entire casino, an added bonus. The rooms come with a king-sized bed, fully equipped kitchen, cable television, a private balcony and air conditioning.

The suite is one of the nicer rooms at Black Bear Casino Hotel. It comes with a king sized bed, a desk, a fax machine, a table and two comfortable recliners. One of the benefits of this room is that it provides a nice relaxing ambiance for the guests.

The other type of room is the standard room that is given to everyone who enters the casino. The standard room includes a bed, desk, TV, chair and maybe even a place to sit down for a movie.

Each of the Black Bear Casino Hotel rooms have individual doors that open from inside. You can enter the room when you feel like it or leave whenever you want.

For those who want a bed at Black Bear Casino Hotel, there is a built in bed. If you want the bed to stand up on its own, the company has options available. These include wood framing for the beds and a retractable canopy that cover the top of the bed.

Black Bear CasinoHotel also offers a laundry service to help with the preparation of your clothes, personal care products and other daily grooming needs. It also offers pet-friendly rooms, which mean guests are not required to leave their pets behind while they stay in the hotel.

There are certain stipulations for those who stay at Black Bear Casino Hotel. Those staying with children need to be sure to check in at least one hour before their arrival so the casino can accommodate them.

Since Black Bear Casino Hotel has over fifty thousand square feet of casino floor space, the property is considered one of the largest casino properties in the country. In addition, there are also apartments and houses available for rent.

All in all, Black Bear Casino Hotel has been rated five stars by Business Week magazine. They are definitely one of the largest casinos in the city.

Before you choose to stay at Black Bear Casino Hotel, be sure to read some reviews. It will help you make your decision on whether to stay at the resort or not.

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