Minnesota Casino Hotels

Black Bear Casino Hotel MN offers the best in casino gaming and has more than a hundred slot machines, two video poker machines, four poker tables and seven tables of roulette. The Black Bear Casino Hotel MN is located in Pleasant Hill, Minnesota just an hour from Minneapolis.

black bear casino hotel mn

The Black Bear Casino Hotel MN is the first casino in the state of Minnesota that offers at least one full-service restaurant. Two restaurants, The Venue Diner, serves gourmet food and operates as a full service restaurant. Guests can also dine at the bar during lunch or dinner.

The restaurant has an array of choice and the menu has everything from the classic to the seafood, sizzling hot and mouth watering. There are also non-traditional entrees and they also serve veggie wraps with house made bread. The outside of the Venue Diner is decorated with country western style art.

The restaurant has over seven televisions showing the big game including Blackfish and the Miss America Pageant. There is also a video poker machine for players to play and many other types of poker and bingo. Players can take their time while enjoying the snacks and drinks in the restaurant or purchase items like the seafood sandwiches, veggie wraps, and baked fish and cheese items to take home.

The Black Bear Casino Hotel MN also offers a variety of other entertainment and sports related activities for all the family. The restaurant offers a kids menu and also includes a pool table and darts in the kids menu. They also have a pinball machine and a mini-golf course.

The Black Bear Casino Hotel MN also offers free parking, with a maximum of two vehicles on the lot. The cost of parking is well below market rates. Other than the dining area, guests have the option of watching some of the major sporting events on the four big screen televisions or playing poker on the poker table.

The staff at the Black Bear Casino Hotel MN are friendly and know the players very well. They are also well versed in all the rules of the casino and will answer any questions of the player. They will also handle your winnings when they happen to come around.

The Black Bear Casino Hotel MN is open for business throughout the day Monday through Friday. They will remain open all night except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when they will be closed until Sunday, December 26th.

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