What is On the Menu at the Black Bear Casino?

One of the newest dining options at Black Bear Casino is the “Easter Buffet”. It’s a buffet style restaurant that features cakes, sandwiches, assorted salads, soups, and even “pizzas” (although they call them “soups”). The restaurant is open daily from breakfast to dinner.

easter buffet at black bear casino

There are several different areas in the Black Bear Casino that provide diners with what they need. The buffet has four areas; the “Near East”, “The Plaza”, “Barroom”, and “Front desk”. It doesn’t take very long to check out the various stations; each area has one of its own and allows diners to choose what they want to eat. One of the locations, the “Front desk” is where diners can get help for the wait if they are having problems with their order.

Before you go into the Black Bear Casino, you may want to ask the cashier how much it will cost you. You may be given the total with tax included, or it may be without the tax. Once you know the price, you can decide if it is worth paying the additional amount for it. At this point, it is also wise to request if the buffet has any coupons.

The menu will vary depending on what season it is and what day of the week. Most items can be made ahead of time and kept until the next day. For example, some of the meals can be prepared and eaten within a day or two.

If you want to have an ice cream sundae while you are dining at the Black Bear Casino, they are available as well. They will give you a free scoop if you bring a box of chocolate covered strawberries with it. Make sure to get plenty of room since there are only a limited number of carts available.

What is better than being in the middle of the action with your family when dining at the Black Bear Casino? There are several tables set up that you can take your children along to enjoy the various specials that are available. The dessert table features the following:

All of the sides are seasonal and feature special menu items. Most of the side dishes are served with grits, potato salad, and breaded fish. Some of the side dishes can be added to the meat dish for a great meal.

The dessert dish includes a mini apple pie with mini chocolate chip cookies on top. For an added treat, they offer cake-the sugar pie flavor, which can be added to any other dessert.

If you aren’t a fan of fruit or chocolate, you can go to the “food allergy friendly” menu, which is available at the Black Bear Casino. They offer meals that are not only healthy, but that are also delicious. They feature the following dishes:

If you are looking for something a little different, the “Country Night” menu offers different country-themed dishes. The following dishes are featured:

To have a perfect wedding, a meal at the Black Bear Casino is a must. Try the “gourmet wedding” buffet. There are several tables available and you can choose one that features wine, champagne, beer, sake, and champagne.

The Black Bear Casino is a great location for a romantic evening. Go to Black Bear Casino for an unforgettable meal or for your next wedding.

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