Black Bear Hotel And Casino – Las Vegas

It is hard to believe that some of the very worst incidents of violence in Las Vegas took place not at the Black Bear Hotel & Casino but rather in the casinos of Caesar’s Palace. One can only assume that people who buy “in” at the Black Bear have no idea where they are or what they are doing.

black bear hotel and casino

How bad are things inside the Black Bear? The standard of customer service is really not very high. Every time I walk into the casino, I feel like a walking buffet.

When you walk into the Black Bear you want to stop by the bingo and spin the wheel, right? I cannot say that I would feel comfortable with a card game taking place in such a busy casino. The bingo was still not fully playing in the casino before we arrived, so we took our game to a bar, which provided one of the more entertaining ambiance.

There were just too many guests in the casino to enjoy any games without waiting for some people to play them. The hasty wait for the machines to be reset or new ones to appear was another issue. When the Casino Control Commission gets to make decisions in this day and age, one has to wonder what kind of priorities they are attempting to apply to the decision making process. It appears that casino owners are not well suited to the time restraints.

The Black Bear was not the most pleasant of places to visit on a Saturday night either. One could see how their high rollers would congregate and that many would be showing off their cards to each other. However, the lack of curb appeal is actually a good thing for the casino workers.

We saw no evidence of any thug activity inside the Black Bear, which is a bit sad, since the atmosphere is definitely set up to attract this type of crowd. I would have preferred to play at the Spearmint Rhino rather than at the Black Bear. This is something that they had to experience to know what Vegas is really all about.

I thought that the one of the bonuses for staying at the Black Bear would be a new outfit for the adults; unfortunately, the casino has only one female employee. I guess she does have a boyfriend, so she took the time to have a few cocktails with him before closing the place.

Another glaring issue with the Black Bear is the lack of sales staff. The one man band kind of employee was not readily available for us. He seemed to be stuck working in the back room taking care of the housekeeping and shopping.

Our most enjoyable hours were spent in the coffee shop where we could mingle with the lounge goers and listen to the office DJ, which was incredibly professional. Then there was the gift shop, where the Black Bear has an excellent wine selection.

The worst part of my stay at the Black Bear was that our car got broken into. My daughter’s car keys and a $50 bill were taken. While no one was hurt, this was one of the worst incidents of violence at the casino we have ever been involved in.

As unpleasant as it is to admit, this is the best location for shopping at the Black Bear, especially if you are going to be shopping for younger children. There is not a lot of activity at this location and it is very cozy, but if you are looking for a holiday package or are seeking a bargain, then you will be disappointed.

Overall, the Black Bear has done a good job of providing a nice atmosphere inside the casino, but when it comes to the general feeling that you are “at home” thenI have to say that you are not. at home here.

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