If you’re planning a trip to the Black Bear Resort Casino but aren’t sure where you want to stay, why not try the Black Bear Gourmet Buffet. You won’t regret it! Sincerely, Gourmet Buffet Is A Buffalo Attraction

The Black Bear Casino Gourmet Buffet is part of the Black Bear’s Canada Buffalo experience. This suite combines all the best of dining in a classy setting with an extensive show on the casino floor. Many Black Bear guests are very pleased with this suite and so are their guests, because it is one of the best suites they have ever seen. The Black Bear Buffet is designed for the ultimate Buffalo game fan.

Located above the gourmet buffet is the Black Bear’s first floor. The Black Bear’s Colorado Club lounge boasts the best beverage and food selections. It features dozens of TVs and has more seating than the Strip. There is also a large fireplace that is flanked by striking plasma screens. The Black Bear Buffet is next to the Black Bear’s top floor.

After all the parties, the Black Bear’s casino floor is packed. Overhead the bar is decked out like an old-time casino. The drinks are stiff and the drinks are mixed with every flavour of lemonade and rocket. There are two doors, one leading into the casino and the other through the game room. The casino floor is adorned with tile floors, a full amount of card rooms, pinball machines, as well as a special service restaurant serving a variety of specialty Buffalo games.

The Black Bear’s basement features four rooms, each with a separate poker table. They include a kitchen area and a business meeting area for the kids. The basement also includes a wine cellar, which is where you can purchase a bottle of your favourite New World wine. The basement and dining room is an extension of the restaurant next door. The downstairs area is the home of the furniture. The dining room will cater to those larger eating meals.

The Black Bear Buffet isalso available for same day bookings. There is a private entrance to the room. Guests will be able to get in and out of the room quickly, and the entire process takes about twenty minutes.

A family room is available if you are looking for more space for your loved ones. The family room has enough space for two, two bar stools, as well as a sofa. The children’s area also has plenty of room to play, but it will not accommodate large parties.

With an ocean view, this gourmet buffet is a pleasure to see. With the chairs reclined to the point where it feels like you’re eating at home, you will feel like you are at home. Even your tail-wagging dogs will look up at the beautiful dining area. The selection of Buffalo wines is as good as it gets, with three varieties of fresh and dry mixed drinks to choose from.

The buffet’s menu is made with the highest standards in mind. It features a variety of cuisine and dining style to please everyone. The gourmet buffet is the perfect place to enjoy yourself and have the time of your life. The Black Bear Gourmet Buffet will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the night at the casino.

When you have that desire to come to a casino suite but don’t have the money, the Black Bear Gourmet Buffet will provide a different perspective. This will put you in the shoes of a Buffalo enthusiast and it will make you want to try it out.

The Black Bear Gourmet Buffet is located at the Front Street Casino. You can find a map to the venue here.

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