The Black Bear Casino Buffet Review

black bear casino buffet review

The Black Bear Casino Buffet Review

The Black Bear Casino can be found in the Pacific Northwest, and is a terrific hotel. The food and service are both outstanding. The Black Bear Casino Buffet is located in a separate wing from the hotel and serves the guests as well as other events that may be taking place on the property.

Guests of the Black Bear Casino Buffet are well fed. They are served a full course dinner, served on silver platters. The salads were delicious and included a choice of guacamole or pesto. The choices of meats and cheeses to compliment the whole meal well.

It would be hard to say that one dish was better than the other, but all of them were good, and the server was attentive and friendly. The meal was really quite excellent. I was happy to see that the meal was all-you-could-eat. A potluck style meal is always good for a group. This meal really became the star of the event.

The Black Bear Casino Buffet was not just any group of people who were there. Several of the attendees had been invited by the local chamber of commerce. This was the first time they had done business with the Black Bear Casino and were eager to get their input on what they thought of the food. I like to think that their input resulted in their comment that the restaurant was great, but they wanted more options for their guests to choose from.

The Black Bear Casino Buffet is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all from the hotel. They are proud to say that they offer the same high quality service that you would find at an ocean-front hotel, but without the sky-high prices. Many groups also chose the Black Bear Casino to have a wedding at. I would assume that if you are looking for a discount wedding, the Black Bear Casino would be a fine choice.

The hotel is very affordable. If you go on a budget, this would be a fine choice. They have a beautiful swimming pool that is next to the restaurant. If you are a person who does not care for other restaurants, this might be a good option. Many people were delighted with the food, the atmosphere, and the hotel itself.

You do not have to choose between breakfast and lunch. You can have both from the same hotel. You can eat at the restaurant or dine at the banquet halls and enjoy the ambiance of the hotel. I loved being able to eat at my own leisure, and to be able to sip on the wine that I would bring from home, just the way I liked it.

I would definitely recommend the Black Bear Casino Buffet. There is nothing more pleasant than a quick, casual meal at home, and this hotel offers a great choice. You can have breakfast or lunch at the hotel and then go to a banquet hall for dinner. These are great options for a small private, or special event.

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