What to Expect at Black Bear Casino

black bear casino buffet review

What to Expect at Black Bear Casino

Every month in California the Black Bear Casino will throw open their buffet for guests to sample, and that happens to be the time when I make a Black Bear Casino Buffet Review. After all, I’m not the only one who’s doing so.

The time of year I make this review is also a time of year when the buffet offers the biggest discounts for guests. This is the “black-out” period. Guests are still coming to play and stay in Black Bear but the crowd will be much smaller because the casino wants to turn its attention to other aspects of the casino operations.

But it’s still a wonderful buffet at Black Bear. It offers some of the best items out there, from the regular choices like meat, cheeses, breads, and spreads to some of the specialty items like potato pancakes with bacon bits and ham hocks, Mexican stuffed peppers, and the infamous Chinese Clam Chowder which was featured on Seinfeld.

If you’ve been coming to Black Bear for any length of time, you’ll know they have lots of items you may never have heard of. It just takes a little knowledge to find them.

So if you’re there for any length of time, you want to try everything. It’s a buffet after all. But sometimes you’re more interested in something specific, and finding that can take a little bit of shopping around.

Here’s what you can expect at Black Bear during a Black Bear Casino Buffet Review. You’ll find the meat offered at very good prices, even if you don’t plan on having ham hocks or smoked salmon or beef brisket. I guess the server doesn’t want to take his paycheck for that.

The cheeses, including blue cheese, are very good at Black Bear as well, and at discounted prices. Their breads come in slices and rolls, which mean they aren’t necessarily on-the-shelf things, and you may have to ask about them.

Fish is another topic. Sometimes, the fish they have is very good, and sometimes they have stuff that isn’t very good. For instance, in my Black Bear Casino Buffet Review I didn’t realize they didn’t offer wild salmon, only smoked or Cajun smoked salmon, although they did offer salmon baked in potato skins which I had not been aware of.

The chow mein and other things I love at Black Bear are great, but sometimes the choice is a bit limited. As such, I always have an eye out for a thing I like and find a place I haven’t been to where it’s sold.

Of course, there’s the Chinese Clam Chowder, another favorite at Black Bear. Since it’s not often offered, it’s worth looking for. And they offer many other things that are good.

Black Bear serves up some pasta dishes that are quite good, and it can be found, too. Just keep your eyes open and don’t forget the things you really enjoy.

The Black Bear Casino Buffet Review is my gift to visitors, friends, and even those who visit Black Bear all the time. It’s to let them know there is plenty to choose from at Black Bear, and they’re always going to have something you’ll love.

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